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Medical Malpractice

Does your family doctor provide good care?

This is an important question.  Most people will see their family doctor (also call primary care provider) at least once a year.  We often have a personal relationship with these doctors.  We may know their families and they know ours.  We see those doctors when we have a sore throat which will not go away, to ...[Read More]

Does your pot smoking matter in your medical malpractice case?

Recently I have had a number of clients call about medical malpractice cases add the following caveat: "Does my occasional pot smoking hurt my medical malpractice case?"And up until last week I would say: "I don't think so. We can likely file a motion in limine to keep that out and the jury won't know ...[Read More]

Nursing Home Abuse

Virginia's most profitable nursing homes - also some of the worst?

A little reminder: For profit healthcare is a thing in the United States. Tylenol makes money for Johnson & Johnson. Pfizer made billions on Zoloft before generic forms became available in 2006.  Your neurosurgeon may get a bonus this year, if he or she performs high dollar surgeries on patients or exceeds their RVUs. Healthcare and profit ...[Read More]

Non-Compete Law

What Amazon employees and print journalists have in common - egregious non-compete agreements - Business Litigation Podcast

Good morning from Virginia - where non-competes flourish to the detriment to employees, competition and capitalism. (Fun statement to type, one I believe but is rather controversial). If you would like to spend a few minutes hearing my comments on non-competes in Virginia, and the likelihood of change soon - enjoy the above 11 min soliloquy. ...[Read More]

Even smart people are dumb - #noncompetes #jobsecurity Google v. Uber

Forgive me, I use hashtags ironically. And this morning, after having read yet another article  about the ongoing trade secret litigation between Google and Uber, respectively. This is not a surprising scenario, but as alleged we have the following players:Company 1 (Google) has long term employee (we will call him Bozo) who helps Company 1 develop something which ...[Read More]