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Medical Malpractice

Things You Should Ask Your Doctor

This is the title of an article which appeared today in the Roanoke Times.  You can read it here.The article contains good suggestions like:     1.  Ask your doctor which health and medicine websites he/she trusts?     2.  What is this medication...what is it for...why are you prescribing it...what are the side effects...and does it ...[Read More]

Does your family doctor provide good care?

This is an important question.  Most people will see their family doctor (also call primary care provider) at least once a year.  We often have a personal relationship with these doctors.  We may know their families and they know ours.  We see those doctors when we have a sore throat which will not go away, to ...[Read More]

Nursing Home Abuse

Virginia's most profitable nursing homes - also some of the worst?

A little reminder: For profit healthcare is a thing in the United States. Tylenol makes money for Johnson & Johnson. Pfizer made billions on Zoloft before generic forms became available in 2006.  Your neurosurgeon may get a bonus this year, if he or she performs high dollar surgeries on patients or exceeds their RVUs. Healthcare and profit ...[Read More]

Non-Compete Law

This is America...I can always quit and find a better job!

Is this a true statement?  Not in Virginia.Maybe half of the statement is correct.  You can quit you job.  However, you cannot always go find a better job in your same industry or locale.  Why?  Because of that one page document you signed 5 years ago (along with health insurance forms and who to notify ...[Read More]

Ahh, the emails tell the story

Today most major newspapers have headlines regarding the President's son and his email exchange with a British tabloid journalist, arranging a meeting with a Kremlin connected attorney from Russia. Yes, it sounds like a soap opera - but I truly don't care about the content or context of the emails (well, at least not for the ...[Read More]