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Who is your primary care doctor?

A recent Wall Street Journal article – The Doctor Won’t see you Now, highlights the growing trend that fewer and fewer Americans are actually receiving their primary medical care from licensed physicians. Rather, most of their care is coming from members of the healthcare field who have less training than a Medical Doctor. While this...[Read More]

Pharmaceutical Whistleblowers

The pharmaceutical industry develops, produces, and markets drugs to treat disease. The economic impact of the American pharmaceutical industry is vast. In 2018, the United States spent $335 billion on prescription drugs.[1] On average, nearly half of all Americans have taken at least one prescription drug within any 30 day period.[2] Pharmaceutical whistleblowers perform a...[Read More]

Are Your Medical Records Important?

Well…what do you think? You know the answer…your medical records are extremely important, especially in this day of electronic records.  Those records contain your health history, your medications, your surgical history and prior hospitalizations.  Those records detail whether you have allergic reactions to certain types or kinds of medications. Those records provide your health care...[Read More]

Whistleblowers for Nursing Home Fraud

  Fraud occurs with surprising frequency in facilities with especially vulnerable patients. For this reason, nursing homes can be easy targets for Medicare and Medicaid fraud. These facilities are not under as much official scrutiny as hospitals. Nursing home residents are often unable to advocate for themselves. It is up to whistleblowers who have insight...[Read More]

Defense Contractor Whistleblowers

The United States spends more on national defense than China, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, and Brazil – combined.[1] For Fiscal Year 2020, the Department of Defense has a discretionary spending budget of $712.6 billion.[2] The federal government spends a significant portion of that amount on goods and...[Read More]

Telemedicine and the Coronavirus

Yes they are related.  Telemedicine, or the use of remote audio-visual technology to provide medical care has been around for years.  It probably got its first start when smaller rural hospitals used remote radiologists to interpret x-rays, CTs, and MRI studies during the middle of the night or on weekends when local radiologists were unavailable. ...[Read More]

Whistleblower Protection for Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Due to recent developments nationally and at the state level, Virginia workers now enjoy protection from retaliation when bringing forward allegations of sexual orientation discrimination. As we have written about previously, Virginia enacted a sweeping statute effective as of July 1, 2020 providing broad protections for Virginia workers from retaliation for protected whistleblowing activities. Specific...[Read More]

Insurance Fraud

We have written before on the various attempts at fraud perpetrated by insurance salesmen. We have also handled numerous cases of egregious insurance fraud. Fraud in the insurance industry is not going away. Banner Life Insurance was recently hit with a $40.5 million settlement for fraudulently increasing the cost of insurance premiums. The case, filed...[Read More]

Radiologist Loses Medical License

Why does this keep happening? A Richmond area radiologist,  Michael J. Bigg, MD, has been summarily suspended from medical practice amid allegations of repeatedly missing signs of cancer in his patients’ mammograms.  The Virginia Board of Medicine found Michael J. Bigg’s practice constituted a danger to public health or safety. Dr. Bigg owns the Allison...[Read More]

Virginia’s New Whistleblower Law: Timing Is Critical

Virginia’s new whistleblower protection law, HB 798, becomes effective July 1, 2020. It provides a host of broad protections for employees who suffer retaliatory conduct by their employer. A key aspect of this law is the issue of timing. Understanding this issue is critical to the success or failure of whistleblower claims. Predictably, the business...[Read More]