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How to be a better patient – and get better medical care in Virginia

This week I was enjoying some post holiday magazine reading time, when I saw a blurb in Better Homes and Gardens, that said:  On average, doctors will interrupt 11 seconds after you start explaining your symptoms.  The magazine then advises, to “write down the issues you want to discuss in order of importance and give...[Read More]

The When and How of a Settlement Demand – Trial Magazine

I suppose I could pretend some third person was writing this post about a recent article I authored in Trial Magazine. Something like “Frith and Ellerman is proud to announce partner Lauren Ellerman was recently published by Trial Magazine… blah blah blah..” But, you, astute reader, would see that I am writing this blog myself,...[Read More]

Hernia Repair Malpractice in Virginia

Just yesterday I was reading the medical records in a potential case, and I saw a Virginia surgeon write the following in a pre-op note for a patient who had a large hernia: Have explained to patient risks of procedure, including damage to liver, kidney, bowel, stomach and surrounding organs. Patient verbalizes understanding.  So I...[Read More]

A picture is worth a thousand words… and better health care.

Many radiologists spend their days never actually seeing patients, at least not in the way we ordinarily think of it.  Instead, they use computer screens to study patient x-rays, never actually meeting patients or knowing what they look like.  Does it help for radiologists to have a photograph of the patient?  One researcher’s work points to...[Read More]