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Who is your primary care doctor?

A recent Wall Street Journal article – The Doctor Won’t see you Now, highlights the growing trend that fewer and fewer Americans are actually receiving their primary medical care from licensed physicians. Rather, most of their care is coming from members of the healthcare field who have less training than a Medical Doctor. While this...[Read More]

Are Your Medical Records Important?

Well…what do you think? You know the answer…your medical records are extremely important, especially in this day of electronic records.  Those records contain you health history, your medications, your surgical history and prior hospitalizations.  Those records detail whether you have allergic reactions to certain types or kinds of medications. Those records provide your health care...[Read More]

Telemedicine and the Coronavirus

Yes they are related.  Telemedicine, or the use of remote audio-visual technology to provide medical care has been around for years.  It probably got its first start when smaller rural hospitals used remote radiologists to interpret x-rays, CTs, and MRI studies during the middle of the night or on weekends when local radiologists were unavailable. ...[Read More]

How to make the most from your “Mychart” experience

If you have been to a doctor in the last year, it is likely someone asked you if you wanted to sign up for the Health System online portal.  Lewis Gale uses MyHealth One Carilion / Ballad Health / CVS use MyChart Each and every provider has their own way to confirm appointments, offer test...[Read More]

Radiologist Loses Medical License

Why does this keep happening? A Richmond area radiologist,  Michael J. Bigg, MD, has been summarily suspended from medical practice amid allegations of repeatedly missing signs of cancer in his patients’ mammograms.  The Virginia Board of Medicine found Michael J. Bigg’s practice constituted a danger to public health or safety. Dr. Bigg owns the Allison...[Read More]

If I could ask Physicians to do just one thing ….

If I, as a daughter, mother, patient, plaintiff’s medical malpractice attorney could ask Physicians to do just one thing, it would be – TELL ME WHAT YOU TELL THE OTHER DOCTORS IN MY MEDICAL RECORDS.  That may seem like an odd request, but please, if you have a minute, or two, keep reading.  So often...[Read More]

Will I Have to
Go to Trial?

Some people are excited about the possibility of a jury trial for their case. Many, if not most, are concerned and worried about having to go to trial. If you are in the latter category, it may help to know the vast majority of civil cases do not go all the way to trial. Most...[Read More]

Good Medicine in the time of Covid-19

My initial plans for this blog post have taken a turn. I initially wanted to comment about how people who need to see their doctor, or even worse, need to be seen immediately in a hospital emergency department, were not being seen or treated because our healthcare system was overwhelmed with Covid-19 patients. Why? Because...[Read More]

Drug Errors: An All-Too-Common Problem

More than 1 in 10 patients suffer injuries in the course of their medical care with half of those injuries being preventable. Among the preventable errors, 12 percent lead to a patient’s permanent disability or death, according to a meta-analysis of systemic review of medical acre published in July of 2019. [1] The study, which...[Read More]