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Medicaid – anything but simple in a Malpractice / Personal Injury case

Everyone who calls our office and has a Virginia injury case (nursing home, medical malpractice, car accident, trucking accident etc.) is asked a serious of questions by our staff.  One of these questions is: DO YOU HAVE MEDICAID?  It is not that we discriminate against potential clients who qualify for Medicaid because of disability or...[Read More]

What do you mean I don’t have a case?

When people call us, they are generally emotional and hurt about what has happened to them.  That makes saying “no” one of the hardest things about my job, even when it is the right answer.   A “no” in this case generally comes in the form of recommending against pursuing a case.   The truth is...[Read More]

No one wants to be a plaintiff in 2017

The phone rang off the hook today – folks wanting to know if they had a medical malpractice lawsuit. Missed work. Pain. Loss of independence. The stories were in many ways similar, and yet, each one totally unique. What if your health was ripped away from you? What if you had to watch a loved...[Read More]