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The Leapfrog Group Hospital Survey: Southwest Virginia Hospitals

I wrote a short post last week on how hospitals within 50 miles of Roanoke, Virginia fared when evaluated for patient safety and quality medical care by The Leapfrog Group.  Today, I will share my observations on the survey results for hospitals in southwest Virginia.  Again, two observations stand out: 1.  Buchanan General Hospital (Grundy, VA)...[Read More]

The Leapfrog Hospital Survey: How Does your Hospital Compare?

The Leapfrog Group was formed in 2000 by large employers and other purchasers of healthcare services.  It is a well-respected national nonprofit organization that advocates for improvements in the quality and safety of American healthcare. The Leapfrog Hospital Survey collects and reports hospital performance, and it has just released the 2017 survey. For hospitals within 50 miles of Roanoke, Virginia...[Read More]

Things You Should Ask Your Doctor

This is the title of an article which appeared today in the Roanoke Times.  You can read it here. The article contains good suggestions like:      1.  Ask your doctor which health and medicine websites he/she trusts?      2.  What is this medication…what is it for…why are you prescribing it…what are the side...[Read More]

Does your family doctor provide good care?

This is an important question.  Most people will see their family doctor (also call primary care provider) at least once a year.  We often have a personal relationship with these doctors.  We may know their families and they know ours.  We see those doctors when we have a sore throat which will not go away, to...[Read More]

Does your pot smoking matter in your medical malpractice case?

Recently I have had a number of clients call about medical malpractice cases add the following caveat: “Does my occasional pot smoking hurt my medical malpractice case?” And up until last week I would say: “I don’t think so. We can likely file a motion in limine to keep that out and the jury won’t...[Read More]

HR 1215 – and why congress hopes you miss it!

So I couldn’t help myself – I tried once again to tell the tale of why Congress hopes you won’t pay attention to what they are voting on.  Enjoy my 20 minute discussion on HR1215 here and why I fear for profit healthcare and pharmaceutical lobby wants this Bill, and why you, as the consumer...[Read More]

Getting Admitted to the Hospital on the Weekend can kill you

I am not kidding and now there is a study to back me up. The New England Journal of Medicine just published a study titled, “Mortality among Patients Admitted to Hospitals on Weekends as Compared with Weekdays.”  The study’s authors looked at over 3.5 million hospital admissions over a 10 year period – pretty significant numbers. ...[Read More]

Even smart people are dumb – #noncompetes #jobsecurity Google v. Uber

Forgive me, I use hashtags ironically.  And this morning, after having read yet another article  about the ongoing trade secret litigation between Google and Uber, respectively.  This is not a surprising scenario, but as alleged we have the following players: Company 1 (Google) has long term employee (we will call him Bozo) who helps Company 1...[Read More]