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How to Find a Good Doctor (in Virginia)

I am sometimes amazed how people find and choose their doctors.  You do want a good and competent doctor don’t you?  Sometimes you have no options…you are admitted to the hospital with stomach pain, diagnosed with appendicitis and need emergency surgery.  In those cases you agree to take whichever general surgeon is offered by the...[Read More]

Leapfrog Report Cards for Local Hospitals

On Wednesday I shared a summary of Leapfrog’s report cards on several hospitals in the Roanoke and New River Valleys.  Here are the report cards published by the Leapfrog Group for two additional hospitals in our area of Virginia: 1.  Memorial Hospital of Martinsville received a “C.” Infection problems included higher than average instances of...[Read More]

Medical Errors: How do you know when it happens to you?

Most of the time you (or your family if you are no longer around) know if medical negligence has occurred because the unanticipated injury is obvious or the patient has unexpectedly died.  However, this is not always the case which brings me to a recent article in the Roanoke Times reporting on all of the...[Read More]

Doctors Instructed to Go Light on Sedatives and Pain Meds to Move Patients Along?

Are you kidding me? A hospital taking short cuts to discharge patients too early in order to increase revenue? Erik Franck, MD, an anesthesiologist practicing at the Kaiser Permanente hospitals in the Portland, Oregon has filed a lawsuit against Northwest Permanente (a division of Kaiser Permanente) making these very allegations.  Dr. Franck believes Kaiser was more interested in...[Read More]

Watch out for medical mistakes while in the hospital

I didn’t write the title to today’s post but I certainly agree with it.  The title to today’s post comes from The People’s Pharmacy and was written by Joe and Teresa Graedon.  The article was re-published by my local paper, The Roanoke Times, and presents some pretty sobering statistics:   1.  Medical error is the...[Read More]

5 Ways to Make Hospitals Safer

I read with interest an op-ed letter in this week’s Wall Street Journal (May 18, 2016). The letter was written by James Lieber, a lawyer in Pittsburgh.  He noted the recently released studies revealing an astonishingly high number of Americans lose their lives each year due to preventable medical negligence.  His suggestions to improve patient care include:...[Read More]

A hard conversation worth having: Dementia + Pain

In about four weeks I will be leaving on a jet plane to Music City, to participate in the American Association for Justice Nursing Home Damages Seminar.  Yes, I plan to attend the event but also have been asked to speak about Dementia patients, and pain.  It isn’t the easiest topic to talk about, or...[Read More]

Let’s Move to the United Kingdom

Let’s go.  Right now! The British government is investigating banning or severely restricting the use of non-compete clauses that specify where and how employees can work when they leave a business.  A government official is quoted as saying, “I am clear that I want to see more enterprising start-ups and greater productivity in a free and...[Read More]