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Virginia nursing home wound care negligence

  I was meeting with a family this week and they mentioned home health had been giving their loved one care for months when he developed two heel ulcers. They went on to explain that home health never mentioned the ulcers, told the doctors about the ulcers, or explained what had happened to the patient. ...[Read More]

Do Not Sign It!

I hate to over simplify the issue but if you are asked to sign a non-compete or non-solicitation contract as a part of a new job, don’t.  More precisely, do not sign a non-compete or non-solicitation contract without reviewing the contract, and its potential impact on your future and your ability to earn a living,...[Read More]

Just today I told two someones life isn’t fair –

Just today I told a client that I was sorry he was being sued and had to pay attorneys fees. I was sorry because there is almost no feasible way the corporation that is suing him can win one single dollar or dime in damages. And no, I explained, there was nothing I could do to make the...[Read More]

Employees and LinkedIn Accounts

Many of my firm’s clients have LinkedIn accounts.   Some started using this social media site on their own and some were encouraged (even required) to open an account by their employers.  Regardless of the reason, a LinkedIn account can bring you business and help you network within your trade or industry. However, the big question these...[Read More]

Emergency Room Doctors: How Often do they commit malpractice?

Granted, ER doctors have a tough job.  They are often faced with seriously ill or injured patients and have very little information about their overall health or medical history.   But from my perspective, emergency room physicians in Virginia still make far too many errors and mistakes in providing good medical care to their patients….and a recently released...[Read More]

When the relationship ends – who gets what?

Business relationships are like romantic relationships in many ways. When the relationship is over, you must determine who gets what, and who is entitled / owns what. Listen to our recent podcast on how to divide the stuff (so to speak) when you leave a business for another.    

Pharmacists against execution thankfully also against negligent manufacturing practices that killed innocent Virginians

This morning the American Pharmacist Association (motto – Improving Medication Use. Advancing Patient Care) published a Policy and Position Paper discouraging pharmacists from creating the drug cocktails used by states in executions. Their reasoning, which I think makes sense, “Pharmacists are health care providers and pharmacist participation in executions conflicts with the profession’s role on...[Read More]