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Never look a severance in the mouth

I know, odd title. Years ago I worked in Loudoun County Virginia for a great General Practice Law Firm (Sevila, Saunders, Huddleston & White) and my old boss used to handle traffic, DUI cases. He would tell clients “never look a gift reckless” in the mouth.. obviously referring to the phrase never look a gift...[Read More]

Carilion Clinic – Too Many Patient Complications

Our firm represents many patients of Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital and Carilion New River Medical Center (not to mention Carilion Giles Community Hospital, Carilion Tazewell Community Hospital, Carilion Stonewall Jackson Hospital, and Carilion Franklin Memorial Hospital) in claims of medical malpractice and medical negligence.  So, you might think I am biased if I reported that too...[Read More]

What is a Hospitalist?

Who is that doctor that keeps coming into your family member’s hospital room at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital, Carilion New River Valley Medical Center, Lewis Gale Medical Center, or dozens of other hospitals in western Virginia?  Well, he or she is a “hospitalist” – a physician who specializes in the practice of hospital medicine.  Clear...[Read More]

We are thankful for

Our work family at Frith & Ellerman has so much to be thankful for this year. And, we wanted to engage in a little PDA&T – Public Display of Affection and Thanks. We are grateful for: The hundreds of individuals and families that trust us with their cases, and concerns; The clients who allow us...[Read More]

Think before you leap

I love the New Year. I make resolutions, work out, eat better and do everything that makes me a whole person, for about three weeks. Then the pace of life kicks in and I lose my resolve again until next year. For many Virginia employees, the New Year seems like a good time to finally make the...[Read More]

Non-Competes aren’t fair no matter how much you make

There is a great article in the Seattle Times about a $15 an hour job forcing new employees to sign non-compete agreements. There has been a great deal of focus the last few weeks about low wage workers being asked to sign these non-competition agreements, because basic fairness just seems to go out the window...[Read More]

Who pays for costs in a malpractice case?

When our office meets with potential clients, we discuss how our office will investigate their potential claim, and if we think it is a valid claim, we will hire experts to review the records, and if the experts believe it is a valid claim, we can file a lawsuit. That is a lot of “ifs”...[Read More]

What you should know about LinkedIn when you change jobs

“Hey, congratulations on making partner,” someone says to me in the gym. I wonder how on earth they know that and then I realize they probably got an email from LinkedIn notifying them of my promotion (albeit 6 months after the fact because I didn’t rush to change the title). As most of us in the...[Read More]