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Even smart people are dumb – #noncompetes #jobsecurity Google v. Uber

Forgive me, I use hashtags ironically.  And this morning, after having read yet another article  about the ongoing trade secret litigation between Google and Uber, respectively.  This is not a surprising scenario, but as alleged we have the following players: Company 1 (Google) has long term employee (we will call him Bozo) who helps Company 1...[Read More]

Hair Club for Men – in the news again!

If you were an adolescent in the 1990s, there is no doubt you remember some of the classic Hair Club for Men commercials where men would smile while woman rubbed their hands across thick luscious clumps of natural looking hair on a man standing nearby. I recall friends reenacting the adds in middle school and...[Read More]

Don’t order the steak – trust me.

I am big on trust. I am big on “going with your gut.” But I am also very big on open and clear communication.  If you went to a restaurant and told the waiter, “I love steak. Steak is my favorite, what is your best beef dish?” And the server replied, “Order the pork-chop,” you...[Read More]

Injunctions against Ex-employees: Not an Easy Task

We represent employees in non-compete and non-solicitation disputes and often hear from the ex-employer (or more likely their lawyer) that they are going to run to the court and convince a Judge to issue an injunction stopping my client from opening his/her new business or going to work for a competitor. I usually respond with...[Read More]

New Year’s Resolution – Starting a New Business in 2016?

I have a great New Year’s Resolution for you this year. Repeat after me: “In 2016, I will do my best not to get sued by my ex-employer.” Isn’t that a great resolution? Saves time, big money, emotional energy, etc. A winner. But how do you keep this resolution? Does it require a fitness membership?...[Read More]

Tis’ the Season to quit your job and start a new Virginia Business

In the ten years I have been helping Virginia employees transition from one job to another, I have noticed a trend.  End of year bonus in hand, employees quit their jobs around Christmas and open new companies in the new year. Not a bad idea, when thoughtfully done.  Are you looking at the above timeline?...[Read More]

Bad Behavior gets Virginia Employees sued!

I am a student of human nature. I like to understand what motivates people, and what makes them tick.  I have practiced law for over ten years in various different specialties,  most recently non-compete and business tort litigation on behalf of employees.  And in many of the cases where a Virginia employee is sued, I see...[Read More]

Virginia law on starting your own business

I’m sorry but the title of this article is sort of a trap.  I am not going to advise you on how to get your Federal EIN number, or business license through your locality, or even advise you whether an LLC or Corporation is best for your new business model.  My goal is simple. My...[Read More]