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Non-Compete Law

Non-Compete 101

We live in a professional culture where men and women feel some kind of stigma or embarrassment in asking for help. We are asked to sign a 38 page Mortgage contract, and we sign the document without inspection review or asking a professional for help in understanding the terms. Three years later our mortgage payment...[Read More]

Politicians and Litigators: More similar than you may think

This morning I listened to a fascinating podcast about types of politicians: Those who are substance over form, or Those who are form over substance. Yes, while I realize it is always dangerous to categorize, and even more so to claim there are only two types of any kind of person, it isn’t hard to...[Read More]

Hair Club for Men – in the news again!

If you were an adolescent in the 1990s, there is no doubt you remember some of the classic Hair Club for Men commercials where men would smile while woman rubbed their hands across thick luscious clumps of natural looking hair on a man standing nearby. I recall friends reenacting the adds in middle school and...[Read More]

Non-Competes Are Bad For The Little Guy and Bad for the Larger Economy

Not my title but my sentiments exactly.  This title comes from an article recently published in Fortune magazine. Non-competes are employment contracts that prevent a departing employee (departing voluntarily or involuntarily) from working for a competitor for one year…or two years…or even three years.  The agreements are not only bad for individual workers but they are bad...[Read More]

Blue Pencil Provisions in Virginia Contracts

Lawyers come up with some strange names for things. It’s true. We plead. We allege. We say things like Notwithstanding, and aforementioned. We like funny words.  One name I am constantly explaining to clients is the working definition of ‘blue pencil provision.’ In contracts, a blue pencil provision allows the court, as a third party,...[Read More]

Trade Secrets and Inevitable Disclosure: A Disturbing Trend

I am seeing a disturbing trend where an ex-employee, who never signed a non-compete agreement with his/her ex-employer, is faced with an attempt by the ex-employer to prevent the ex-employee from competing in the business world.  How?  By claiming the ex-employee is using “trade secrets” from the previous job to further their career with the...[Read More]