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Nursing Home Abuse

Virginia nursing home wound care negligence

  I was meeting with a family this week and they mentioned home health had been giving their loved one care for months when he developed two heel ulcers. They went on to explain that home health never mentioned the ulcers, told the doctors about the ulcers, or explained what had happened to the patient. ...[Read More]

Talking about your loss, again and again.

In wrongful death cases that involve medical malpractice or negligence by nursing homes, there is one thing that stands out as the most difficult for family members – having to relive their loss over and over during the case.  Unfortunately, it’s unavoidable.  But it’s also manageable, and here are some ideas to make it more...[Read More]

Why Medicare Ratings for Nursing Homes matter

Would you eat at a restaurant the local health department has rated a D in food safety? Probably not knowingly. So why then, do families place their loved ones in facilities that Medicare has openly rated a 1 out of 5 stars on patient safety? Hopefully, families don’t do this knowingly. They sadly didn’t realize...[Read More]

Falls in a Virginia nursing homes lead to death and serious injury

Take 5 minutes to listen to this very tragic but accurate report done by National Public Radio: The sad fact is that falls can cause permanent injuries and death in elderly patients. In the last few years, we have represented MANY Virginia families in fall cases. Fall causes hip fracture, elderly man v. local...[Read More]

Criminal conviction stands for neglect in group home

In November of last year a Southside Virginia group home operator was convicted and sentenced for criminal abuse and neglect for failing to obtain sufficient medical care for an injured group home resident. The Court of Appeals in Virginia, has just upheld the court’s conviction. Often we will receive calls from family members whose loved...[Read More]

Please, go with your gut and call 911

Nursing homes are interesting places. They (by law and definition) have health care available 24 hours a day, and yet, sometimes it is not enough. Sometimes, nursing home residents get sicker and need immediate emergency help from a hospital. I have had more than one (probably 20) families tell me that when they expressed concern...[Read More]

Who pays for Mama’s nursing home bill

Who pays for Mama’s nursing home bill? Well, the answer to that question (and most questions asked by a lawyer) is – IT DEPENDS. Nation wide, most short term nursing home bills (up to 100 days) are paid for by Medicare. Those long term nursing home stays are typically paid for by the patient themselves, or...[Read More]