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Nursing Home Abuse

Can a patient’s family call 911 in a nursing home?

We get questions like the following, all the time: “I am worried about my loved one in the nursing home. I asked the nurse to call the rescue squad and she said she couldn’t – waiting for a doctor’s order. What can I do?” or “I told the nurse I was so worried about my Mom...[Read More]

Can they do that?

Families call our office all the time with the question, “Can they do that?” Meaning, can the nursing home: Change Mom’s Oxygen from 3L to 2L? Change Dad’s medications without notifying families? Discharge Grandmom on day 99 when her Medicare ends on day 100? Refuse to apply for Medicaid benefits but rather bill the family...[Read More]

Ask. Ask again. Be clear. Ask until you get the answer you want.

Busy morning. I have received three calls already from three separate solicitors asking me to advertise my law firm in their book / website / online catalog etc.  I kindly told all three we had spoken a few weeks back, and I didn’t have it in my advertising budget to advertise with them and I would...[Read More]

Tis the Season for Nursing Home Neglect

When I think of this special Holiday Season I think of baking, cider, carols, warm fires and events with friends.  But imagine if you will, a for profit nursing home where seasoned nurses understandably request the Holidays off to spend time with family, and so new, perhaps under-trained, perhaps over-worked nurses are provided by outside...[Read More]

Doctor’s role in Virginia Nursing Homes

In most Virginia nursing homes, there is no doctor on staff. Rather, the facility will subcontract with a doctor to serve as the medical director,  who then only enters the facility to see patients when they are sick and a change of condition has occurred, or Medicare paperwork is to be signed and submitted.  Loved...[Read More]

Virginia nursing home wound care negligence

  I was meeting with a family this week and they mentioned home health had been giving their loved one care for months when he developed two heel ulcers. They went on to explain that home health never mentioned the ulcers, told the doctors about the ulcers, or explained what had happened to the patient. ...[Read More]