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Nursing Home Abuse

A conversation about end of life

A few years ago I sent my father an email asking him to think about what he wanted my brother and I to do for him, with him, on his behalf before and after he died. It wasn’t as harsh as it sounds – we had been having the conversation in small chunks after he...[Read More]

Our Seniors being over-medicated?

Ask anyone who handles nursing home abuse and neglect cases on behalf of families whether elderly patients are over-medicated, and the answer will be a resounding YES. Ask a nurse at a long term care facility whether patients are over-medicated and the answer will be NO – they need the medications to keep patients in...[Read More]

“Granny Cams” in Virginia Nursing Homes

We are often asked by families whether it is legal for them to place a hidden camera in their loved one’s nursing home room. These cameras have long been called “granny cams.” In this day in age, with today’s technology, you can sit at work and watch a baby sleep soundly over a video monitor...[Read More]

Nursing Homes: Many Provide Unacceptable Care

The nursing homes in Virginia are the same as in any other state.  Some are good…some are average…and some are just plain bad. Don’t believe me?  A report released in 2014 by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the Inspector General found that 22 percent of Medicare patients who stayed in a nursing...[Read More]

Criminal charges in Virginia nursing home abuse / neglect cases

I just read a local news story from Abingdon Virginia where police are investigating the death of an elderly patient of Grace Health Care of Abingdon, a nursing home and long term care facility in Washington County. Though very little is known at this time about the patient, her death, the possible cause or suspected...[Read More]

Virginia Nursing Homes and “the Chandelier Effect”

The title of today’s posts may be a little confusing. What is “the Chandelier effect” and what does it have to do with nursing homes.  The Chandelier Effect is a fancy phrase for what nursing homes do to get you or your loved one into their facility.  It means they spend their money on outdoor...[Read More]

Over-Medication in nursing homes

For years our industry has been aware of a terrible and heart breaking issue related to over-medication of elderly patients in long term care facilities. Let’s face it – a CNA cannot properly care for 30 residents that are mobile, walking, fall risks, who need help getting to the bathroom, dining room, getting dressed etc....[Read More]

Cameras in Nursing Homes: A Good Idea

I have blogged on this topic before.  The use of hidden cameras in nursing homes to “catch” bad guys neglecting or abusing the elderly is a damn good use of technology.  My home state of Virginia has guidelines for the use of hidden cameras which protect patient privacy yet expose staff (and sometimes other residents)...[Read More]