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Lauren Davis

How We Review All
Medical Malpractice Cases
that Come In.

Virginia attorney Lauren Davis explains how Frith Ellerman & Davis Law Firm reviews all medical malpractice cases that come in and proceeds to select which cases to represent.

What is a
Medical Malpractice

Virginia attorney Lauren Davis explains what a medical malpractice attorney is and how they spend a majority of their time handling cases against negligent doctors, nurses, hospitals or any other health care provider.

Types of Questions We Ask
on Intake of Your Medical
Malpractice Case.

When the attorneys at Frith Ellerman & Davis Law Firm first receive calls from potential clients, an intake questionnaire is given. Questions range from what was done wrong, when did it happened, and who did it, to more tougher questions. These questions are asked to get the information up front in order to give the most thorough evaluation.

Proven Virginia Medical
Malpractice & Personal Injury
Attorney Lauren Davis.

Get to know Lauren Davis of Frith Ellerman & Davis Law Firm, who is a proven medical malpractice and personal injury attorney in Virginia.