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Tag: healthcare contracts

Virginia Doctors and Non-Compete Contracts

January 28, 2013

I have a very good friend who has been offered numerous jobs in various states as of late. He is an accomplished physician. A smarty pants. The medical community is lucky to have him.

Although we have not discussed it, I imagine that with each of these offers (hospital affiliated physician jobs) he has been presented with draft employment contracts.

Typically, physician contracts contain information on the following duties, agreements, etc:

  • compensation
  • term of contract (if there is a term, how many years)
  • bonus structure
  • billing practices
  • malpractice insurance / tail coverage / limits
  • reasons employee can be fired
  • reasons employee can quit
  • Notice requirements for leaving
  • language regarding the confidential nature of patient records
  • post employment restrictive covenant

Not all doctors have to sign non-compete agreements, but more are being asked to do so.

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