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Tag: Physician Contracts

Virginia Doctors and Non-Compete Contracts

January 28, 2013

I have a very good friend who has been offered numerous jobs in various states as of late. He is an accomplished physician. A smarty pants. The medical community is lucky to have him.

Although we have not discussed it, I imagine that with each of these offers (hospital affiliated physician jobs) he has been presented with draft employment contracts.

Typically, physician contracts contain information on the following duties, agreements, etc:

  • compensation
  • term of contract (if there is a term, how many years)
  • bonus structure
  • billing practices
  • malpractice insurance / tail coverage / limits
  • reasons employee can be fired
  • reasons employee can quit
  • Notice requirements for leaving
  • language regarding the confidential nature of patient records
  • post employment restrictive covenant

Not all doctors have to sign non-compete agreements, but more are being asked to do so.

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Virginia Doctors and Employment Agreements

December 17, 2012

Is medical school fun? Easy? Inexpensive? My friends tell me the answer to all three questions is no, no, and no. So why do so many doctors willingly give up their legal rights to practice medicine by signing non-compete agreements?

Sadly, many physicians sign such restrictive contracts without realizing the future consequences. Either they do not fully appreciate the meaning of their employment contracts, or they feel they have no other options. You must agree to egregious non-compete with hospital X if you want the job, right? Wrong.

We hope Virginia physicians will contact us before they sign non-compete agreements. We can help refine, amend and hopefully craft a document that protects everyone’s rights – including yours as a doctor.

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