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Virginia River Season 3 – skeezy lawyer Todd and how our attorneys (Dan / Lauren / Bo) are not like that guy

Skeezy  lawyer characters are not new to film or  television.

Think  – The Simpsons character, Lionel Hutz (and enjoy this mashup below).

Further, personal injury advertising is sometimes so nuts, it makes the lawyers look – well, a little nuts.

This week I enjoyed watching Season 3 of Virgin River on Netflix. #1 – please note, I speed watch. I finished the whole season in about 3 hours. #2 – I like fiction, it’s a nice break from real life which is sometimes, well, tough.

I watched enough to know that the new character Todd “a successful personal injury lawyer” whose family gave millions to the local hospital and has a vacation home (“income property”) is not the hero of the story. He (SPOILER ALERT)

  • proposed to a woman after 4 weeks, who is pregnant with someone else’s twins
  • is pushy
  • is stubborn
  • is a control freak
  • thinks money can buy people off
  • hates dogs
  • says things like  ” I need to go work the room”
  • is generally an unlikeable guy

His character is the stereotype of the guys on TV – overbearing, rude, clueless and tone-deaf and greedy. (Make a note – none of those terrible ads were made by women – just saying).

But, as a personal injury lawyer, I was kind of disappointed to see another stereotype.

Virgin River season 3: Here’s where you recognize Charmaine’s fiance from

And it made me want to tell you about our practice, just in case you need a personal injury attorney one day – and want someone who isn’t like the ads, or the Simpsons guy, or the Todd  character.

Let me introduce you to my firm, and law partners:

  • Dan is a father, grandfather, Hokie sports nut, lover of politics, good food and is fiercely proud of being from Western Virginia (Blacksburg native)
  • Lauren (that’s ME) – I am a mom, a business owner, I cry in movies and often with clients, I am compassionate, believe that being an attorney is my spiritual calling and love what I do
  • Bo is a father, pragmatist, fiercely dislikes bullies and cheats, and will do anything to stand up for someone who needs a voice

We all love dogs, our families, and our clients. We will be honest in assessing your case, and compassionate when a tragedy leads you to our doors.

In sum – we are  not Todd, or the Simpsons guy – or any other PI attorney stereotype. So, if you need someone and don’t want the tiger spewing money (see TV ad link) – please consider our firm – 540-985-0098.

Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

In 2011, Lauren Ellerman was named "Young Lawyer of the Year" by the Roanoke Bar Association for her work in the community. To speak with Lauren about your personal injury case, contact her at