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What Happens to a Doctor or Nursing Home When Sued?

Oftentimes a client will ask, “What happens to the doctor/ nursing home if they are sued?” Some clients are concerned that while the treatment they received was poor, they do not want to put a doctor or nursing home out of business. There are a variety of considerations that may arise in the event of

Bo Frith
Filing a Medical Malpractice Case is Not for the Weak or Timid

This week, I watched a family who had suffered the worst health care crisis imaginable, listen while a stranger told them that settling their lawsuit would give them peace. I know for a fact, when you lose a loved one, winning or losing a lawsuit does not bring peace. The loss still exists and is

Lauren Ellerman
Medicaid – Anything but Simple in a Medical Malpractice or Personal Injury Case

Everyone who calls our office and has a Virginia injury case (nursing home, medical malpractice, car accident, trucking accident, etc.) is asked a series of questions by our staff. One of these questions is: DO YOU HAVE MEDICAID? It is not that we discriminate against potential clients who qualify for Medicaid because of disability or

Lauren Ellerman
So Now You Are a Plaintiff In a Lawsuit – How Long Will This Take?

Timing is everything. And yet, when you file a lawsuit and are subject to the Court’s availability and the calendars of lawyers and other parties, the wheels of justice can move very, very slowly. So How Long Will Your Virginia Injury Case Take? The sad but true answer is, it depends – but likely between

Lauren Ellerman
What Costs Can I Anticipate in Prosecuting a Medical Malpractice Case?

Medical malpractice cases are typically complex and very different from most personal injury cases. This article will attempt to summarize what we tell our clients about the litigation costs they can anticipate as their case progresses. First, we must collect all of the relevant medical records. These records will come from a hospital (where a

Dan Frith