A picture is worth a thousand words… and better health care.

Many radiologists spend their days never actually seeing patients, at least not in the way we ordinarily think of it.  Instead, they use computer screens to study patient x-rays, never actually meeting patients or knowing what they look like.  Does it help for radiologists to have a photograph of the patient?  One researcher’s work points to yes.


According to Dr. Yehonatan N. Turner’s research, providing a patient’s photograph to a radiologist may be beneficial for the interpretation of radiology studies.  All the radiologists in Dr. Turner’s study felt more empathy toward patients after seeing their photographs.  The photographs revealed helpful medical information.  And having the photographs made the radiologists’ interpretations more meticulous without requiring more time.  


Isn’t this what we want in medicine: a personal approach with thorough results without adding time (and then arguably cost)?  As a bonus, there is consensus: all the radiologists in the study recommended adding this idea to routine practice.


I can only imagine the challenges associated with sitting in a dark room staring at x-rays all day, day in and day out.




From that perspective, how refreshing to have a face to put with the patient name and study.  And, from a patient perspective, how nice to know that such a simple thing can lead to better medical care.



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