Headlines highlight continuing problem of neglect

Some of my friends think I am on some kind of crusade, that I have taken on medical malpractice and nursing home neglect cases as a cause.  Maybe I have, but it’s with good reason.  If you doubt that, take a look at these two recent reports:


From The Roanoke Times: “Former medication aide at Covington facility convicted in overdose death of resident.”  A resident at an assisted living facility died of a medication overdose because of a medication that was given to him in error.  The facility employee who made the error was charged with and convicted of manslaughter, perhaps largely because after learning of her error, the prosecutor said she waited about 45 minutes before calling 911 and did not take other appropriate steps to help.


Or this, from the Boston Globe: “A nurse’s aide plays video games while a veteran dies at Bedford VA hospital.”  The headline speaks for itself.


Every case of negligence may not be so headline worthy, but every case does involve unnecessary and preventable harm to our society.  Call it a crusade or call it by whatever other name you’d like – I am grateful for the opportunity to address this real and substantial problem.

Lauren Davis
Lauren Davis

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