Virginia Hospital Malpractice

Virginia Wrong Prescription LawyerWhile a hospital is a corporate entity, and not a person, we often name the hospital as the defendant in medical malpractice actions, alleging that the employees of the hospital were negligent in their care and treatment of our clients.

Negligence can happen on purpose, or on accident. Rarely do health care providers intend to provide harm to their patients. Most often, they fail to do what an ordinary nurse, doctor, radiology tech, med-tech or physician assistant would do, and that failure caused significant injury.

Our firm has over 50 years of combined experience filing suits against hospitals and their employees for malpractice. There are some typical patterns of negligence we see often. Sometimes, what happens is not typical. Here is a list of the types of cases we often investigate and pursue on behalf of injured families in Virginia:

  • Hospital Fall cases (negligent supervision / overmedication / improper fall assessments and precautions)
  • Medication mistake cases (drugs that should not have been prescribed together / pharmacy mistakes / off label use and prescription of drugs / prescription despite known allergy)
  • Surgical mistake cases (puncture bowel / misidentification of organs / unrecognized bleeding / undiagnosed or treated infection)
  • Failure to diagnose infection cases / post surgical negligence
  •  Assault cases of one patient on another
  • Failure to diagnose cancer despite evidence
  • Failure to prevent DVT / pulmonary embolisms with appropriate preventative measures, medication etc.
  • Failure to timely treat stroke with appropriate TPA medication
  • Negligent delivery of child that leads to death or permanent injury
  • Negligent pre-term labor care and treatment
  • Negligent turning that caused development of pressure ulcers and sores
  • Failure to follow physician orders
  • Failure to diagnose significant heart conditions like congestive heart failure, or aneurysm that leads to death

Again, doctors and nurses don’t often mean to harm their patients. They don’t want to commit malpractice, and yet it happens every day. And tragically, families are ripped apart as a result.

If our team can investigate a Virginia hospital malpractice case for you or your loved one, please call us today. No one wants to be a plaintiff in a lawsuit. But sometimes, that is the only way to ensure others get better care the next time around.


Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

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