There is nothing worse than losing a child – but what if the loss was preventable?


Families of medical malpractice often wonder to themselves whether the loss, or injury their loved one suffered was preventable. And many more have wondered what can be done in the future to prevent  it from happening again – to some other family. 

But no one wonders this more, than parents who have suffered the ultimate loss of losing a child. 

And no it doesn’t matter if the child was 6 months old, or the loss was suffered during pregnancy or at delivery. 

We don’t know what to do when someone suffers this kind of loss. Do we call? Pray? Write? Or avoid the topic all together because it is too painful to imagine the depth of the loss?

And yet, it happens to millions. And many families who suffer this, shouldn’t have. Meaning, the loss of life was preventable had appropriate medical care been provided either during the pregnancy, or delivery. 

In my immediate family (aunts, uncles, cousins) we have lost three children. That doesn’t include miscarriages. 

I have friends who have lost children during delivery and days before. And no, there isn’t always a reason or an explanation. But sometimes, as much as we hate to think about it, the reason is because the doctors were overworked and didn’t have time to pay attention to his or her patient, their needs, complications or warning signs. The finances of medicine, increasing patient loads, surgeries, on-call hours, etc. win in the battle for care. 

And yet I also know that when they do get it right, or better than right, doctors are saving lives, mine included.

So how can you tell whether the loss was caused by malpractice? You call a competent attorney to investigate your case.  They may conclude malpractice didn’t occur, but in a round about way – could that be an answer your family needs as part of the healing process? 

Should you need a Virginia attorney to investigate your case, our office would be honored to help. 




Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

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