Why medical malpractice?

Work is work, but meaningful work makes it so much more.  So why do I do medical malpractice law?


I attended a luncheon today honoring United States District Judge Elizabeth Dillon for her service to an organization.  Many local attorneys who do many different things (think Social Security disability to employment law to business litigation to immigration and on and on) were there.  With so many choices of things to do, why have I stuck with this, medical malpractice law?

Believe me, there’s plenty to pull me away from it.  I find myself holding onto the emotional pain of clients pursuing wrongful death cases.  When I talk to a client about a delayed diagnosis of cancer, I start seeing symptoms in all of my family members.  And, as a parent, every case involving an injured child sends me home for as many hugs and kisses as my kids will allow.  So, again, why do it?

For me, it’s an important question that deserves an answer.  

The truth is, it started as a happy coincidence.  I started my law practice with a firm in Roanoke that did medical malpractice and had a need.  I quickly realized how much I appreciated the opportunity to help people at an incredibly difficult time in their lives.  

It wasn’t long before I realized that doing this work has a bigger impact too.  I guess you could say I believe in accountability.  I want better health care for myself, my family, and my community.  I’m not saying one medical malpractice case achieves that, but I do believe that every worthy case moves us forward.

Lauren Davis
Lauren Davis

Lauren E. Davis litigates complex medical malpractice and personal injury cases. She has handled cases from inception to trial in federal and state courts throughout Virginia. To speak with Lauren about your case, contact her at (540)985-0098.