Hope in Virginia to increase number of nurses in nursing homes

I am an optimist.

I am not naïve, so I know it is very unlikely the following Bill presented by Vivian Watts will become law in Virginia this year, but I remain an optimist.

HB 568 would require nursing homes to meet certain basic staffing levels of CNAs and LPNS — they would now be required to have enough staff that residents get just under 4 hours of care a day.

Are you shocked that there isn’t a law on this already? Are you shocked it is so very low – out of a 24 hour day, only 4 hours of direct hands on care?

Once you start looking at the numbers, it is all shocking.. but I remain hopeful we will start somewhere and thanks to Delegate Watts, hopefully we will start this year. Call you GA rep today and encourage their support of HB 568.


HB  568 Nursing homes; increases staffing and care standards.

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Nursing home standards of care. Increases the staffing and care standards in nursing homes to require a minimum of specific direct care services to each resident per 24-hour period.

Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

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