A reader sent us a link this morning to the Detroit News where a battle is beginning over various business torts in the sports/ entertainment biz.

You know the facts – big wig leaves, big wig takes 9 employees with him to a competitor, old company gets mad and files a lawsuit alleging among other things, (1) Michigan’s Trade Secrets Act violation; (2) breach of contract (likely non-competes) (3) unfair competition and  (4) conspiracy.

These are some fun allegations.

In layman’s terms “the Palace and the Pistons had no choice but to seek court intervention in order to protect their businesses against what appears to be a coordinated predatory attack on their confidential business information concerning their businesses and customers, and the defendants should not be allowed to reap the fruit of their misconduct,” said attorney James Roach, who filed the lawsuit.”

Oh wait, that’s not laymans terms – that’s the attorney for the plaintiff. What I meant to say is one side thinks their private, confidential information was taken, and they intend to prove it was taken without permission. They also intend to prove it was all planned and that they deserve money.

So what. This is America isn’t it? Capitalism is allowed? People are allowed to make a living and go where top dollar leads?

Well, yes, unless they have a contract that states otherwise AND you steal their secrets in the meanwhile.

This will be a fun case. According to the article, Olympia spokesman Thomas Pyden, in an e-mailed statement to The News, called the lawsuit “sour grapes.”

Maybe Sour Grapes, but that is an expensive way to hash out hurt feelings.

Thanks for sharing dear reader – keep the updates coming!

From The Detroit News:–Ex-staffers-stole-trade-secrets#ixzz0qSe1K2d9

Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

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