This report comes to us from Texas…but could easily be from Virginia. A former trucker for a delivery company (KDSI) left the company to start his own delivery business. To stop the employee from stealing clients, KDSI filed a request for a temporary restraining order with the local court.

According to KDSI’s petition, the employee signed a Non-Disclosure and Non-Competition Agreement with KDSI prohibiting him from stealing the company’s customers during or after his employment. The petition alleges the employee left KDSI to start his own business, with the intent of providing “the same services” to a welding supply company that he was providing as an employee of KDSI. In addition to asking the court to enter a restraining order to stop the employee from stealing customers, KDSI also claimed it suffered damages equal to the lost income for the worth the employee had been providing to the welding supply company.

Follow the story and the lawsuit here.

Dan Frith
Dan Frith

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