Good news Virginians. Someone who is running for office, has been in your shoes.

What shoes?

The employee “got sued by my ex-employer and had to pay attorneys fees” shoes.

Some think it is a negative that the candidate was involved in litigation and that it was alleged he breached his contract. I am not one of those people.

I think it is finally good news that someone in Richmond / Washington has been through this often terrible and unnecessary process of employment litigation. Maybe he can tell his colleagues about the ordeal, about the waste, the stress etc.. and maybe Virginia can stop being a state that favors employers in these matters.

Just a thought.

Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

In 2011, Lauren Ellerman was named "Young Lawyer of the Year" by the Roanoke Bar Association for her work in the community. To speak with Lauren about your personal injury case, contact her at