We are asked this question frequently.

If my boss sues me or if I get a cease and desist letter, how long will the legal / negotiating process take?

Sadly, there is no way we can answer this question.

Some times, we are able to negotiate a resolution within a few days. This is when the employee realizes they are at fault and or have some legal exposure, and agree not to do what it is they agreed not to do in their contract.

Often however, if there is a dispute as to whether breach occurred, or the contract is reasonable, it could take over a year to resolve a non-compete.

If the plaintiff corporation is seeking an injunction, sometimes that could be heard by the Court within a few weeks or months, and sometimes they wait until the very end of litigation to ask the Court to rule, again, taking a year.

So, here is the answer to the question HOW LONG DOES A NON-COMPETE CASE TAKE?

Between 2 days, and 1.5 years.

Not very helpful.

We are also asked, how much will non-compete case cost in legal fees.

Again, it depends. If we are looking at two days, probably the low end, $500 to 1 year, $40,000 plus.

Again, not helpful.

Each case is different, and so are the parties involved. We will do our best to predict the future, but often times we must prepare for the worst and expect the best.

Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

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