Proving the defendant was a distracted driver

A few years ago I wrotdistracted drivere and published an article in the Virginia Trial Lawyers Magazine about proving liability in an accident case where the defendant in a car or truck accident was a distracted driver.

Cell phone records are the best place to start, but did you know that commercial drivers are prohibited by federal law from using hand held cell phones while driving a commercial vehicles?

There is a world of information and evidence out there if you know where to find it.

When you file a lawsuit against a trucking company, it shouldn’t be as revenge. It should be to seek fair compensation for the injuries caused. The devastating truth is that large trucks and commercial vehicles inherently cause horrible and life changing injuries to others on the road when accidents occur.

Furthermore, while it should be your focus to heal, get better and take care of your medical needs, you will need an attorney who can focus their time and effort on your case, and most importantly, your other needs.

Hire an attorney with experience in trucking litigation. Hire an attorney that knows how to prove the defendant driver was distracted, on his cell phone and violating the rules. Hire an attorney that believes you and your case matter the most.



Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

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