Lessons from the East: Part I

I recently traveled to Taiwan and had the opportunity to see and experience how globally connected the world has become.  My time away also contributed to my perspective about my work.  This is the first of three posts about lessons from traveling to Taiwan that matter to my law practice.

Lesson 1: Don’t underestimate the value of an expert you can trust.

Maybe I should be more embarrassed to say this, but aside from having close friends who are living there, I knew very little about Taiwan leading up to my trip. I knew it was an island.  I knew it was close to China and Japan. And I knew my flight was going to be very long so I should expect to have bad jet lag.  It turns out all of that was true.

I spent a few hours researching things to do, most of which was at U.S. airports on the way out of the country, but honestly didn’t worry much about it.  After about 30 hours of traveling from Roanoke, Virginia to Taipei, Taiwan, I arrived halfway around the world and didn’t even know the address or phone number of the people with whom I was staying.  I still wasn’t too worried.

Why not?  Am I that laid back?  Once you know me, you know that is a “no.”  Arrogant?  No, I don’t think so. Lack of sleep? Seems plausible. But what really gave me peace of mind was that one of my friends said he would meet me at the airport, told me where to go once I got through immigration, and just as he said, there he was.

I never doubted him. Because of our friendship and what I have seen in him and his accomplishments, I trusted him implicitly.

As things went, the trust my friends in Taiwan had earned was well-deserved.  They were “experts” and offered that expertise for my benefit.  The remainder of my trip was marked by solid advice about worthwhile sightseeing, using the excellent public transportation system, and maintaining my safety (mainly by not getting run over).


Everyday, we ask our clients to trust us, from the smallest decisions to the monumental.  From whether to dot a particular “i” to whether a settlement offer is fair.

I don’t take any of that for granted.  I recognize that, just like I started as a stranger to Taiwan, most of our clients are strangers to the legal world generally and especially to medical malpractice cases.  Of course one of my goals is to help clients reach a successful conclusion to their case.  For me, part of that success means clients developing an undeniable trust in the partnership between us.


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Lauren Davis
Lauren Davis

Lauren E. Davis litigates complex medical malpractice and personal injury cases. She has handled cases from inception to trial in federal and state courts throughout Virginia. To speak with Lauren about your case, contact her at (540)985-0098.