What do string theory and the multiverse have to do with you and your medical malpractice case?

The truth about science, medicine, the law, and probably most every other human endeavor is that our understanding of them — and ourselves — constantly evolves.  The challenge then is to embrace that evolution and not be constrained by external expectations or the status quo.  And, believe it or not, this all has something to do with your medical malpractice case.


Let me begin with “The Most Dangerous Ideas in Science,” a short article that discusses some new theories that challenge traditional thinking.  Among those “dangerous” scientific ideas are string theory (that posits the world is made up of tiny vibrating strings rather than particles) and the idea of the multiverse (suggesting the universe actually has multiple dimensions and “pockets” that we cannot directly observe).

I don’t pretend to actually understand these ideas or to know “the truth” about our world, but I find all this fascinating.  I have an intense respect for the people who have dared to even imagine beyond our current knowledge and understanding.

So are new and different things always dangerous?


That brings me to you and your medical malpractice case.  We have expectations we place on ourselves and feel from others and society.  Am I a good parent and spouse?  Am I handling this situation appropriately?  Am I doing this right?  Am I meeting expectations?  Is this the way everyone else does this?


Sure, there can be a place for that sort of thinking.  Maybe it gives us helpful guideposts.  But I also believe in the importance of not simply accepting them, but going onto the balcony, a concept popularized by Ronald Heifetz and Marty Linsky, and actually examining the expectations to be sure they fit.

Be free from the burden of meeting expectations that were never meant for you. -Tsh Oxenreider


So maybe we should also be asking other questions.  Do generic expectations and standards apply to our specific situation?  Are they serving us or are we serving them?  Are we in a box, and should we be looking outside the box?


So, again, getting back to your medical malpractice case.  It’s important that you have an experienced attorney who understands the law and how to try your case.  But I would argue that it’s at least as important for you to work with someone that is willing to look outside the box and dovetail the tried-and-true with innovative ways of advancing your case.



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Lauren Davis
Lauren Davis

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