You don’t have a right to work in a right to work state

When you hear you work and live in a “right to work” state, please know, it has nothing to do with your non-competition agreement. In fact, all the federal right to work law says is that you cannot be forced to join a union.

There you have it. If you live in a ‘Right to Work’ state, chances are good you have heard the vicious and untrue rumor that somehow that federal law provides you protection if and when you change jobs and your old employer wants to enforce your non-compete agreement.

It does not.

Likely, your contract is valid and binding until a Judge says otherwise.

Sadly, under most states (including mine – the Old Dominion) you do not have a right to work. Or compete. Or breach your contract.

So know what you are signing, and or know what you are bound to before you join the rumor bandwagon.




Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

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