Yesterday Dan wrote about the nursing homes in Roanoke and Wytheville Virginia. This week Medicare.gov began a five star rating system for area nursing homes. Like the classic AAA restaurant or hotel rating system, the more stars, the better.

So which nursing homes 25 miles from Southside got a 5 star rating?


How many received four stars? AGAIN – NOT A ONE! This means my friends in the Danville area, have very limited choices. Do they select a 3 star, 2 or 1 (the worst) for their loved one’s care?

Not much of a choice at all if you ask me. So who were the “best of the worst?”

Three Stars?
Brian Center Health & Rehab in Yanceyville (owned by a large chain)

Stratford Rehab (who not so long ago was on the government’s list of needing improvement on pressure ulcers and restraint issues)

And who were the worst with only 1 or 2 stars?
Morehead Nursing CenterRoman Eagle in Danville
Piney Forest in Danville
Riverside Health & Rehab (owned by same company as Piney Forest)

Danville, I am very sorry about your options!

Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

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