We get a magazine called NURSING HOMES, Long Term Care Management – a periodical written for long term care administrators. This month, in their monthly section called A VIEW ON WASHINGTON, the magazine cites a 2006 sruvey done by MyInnerView, taken of current long term care employees, regarding job satisfaction etc. While 60% of employees in nursing homes rate their employment as good or excellent, the survey reflects the following statements by the staff.

Priority items cited by Nursing Aids or Assistants: (1) Help with Job Stress or Burnout; (2) Management Listens; (3) Management cares; (4) Supervisor appreciates; (5) adequate equipment / supplies. Wow. Difficult job, low pay, and if you feel you do not have the proper tools and or corporate support, how long could you last as a CNA in a nursing home? I imagine not very long. And I think my conclusion is correct given the survey also found that 1/3 of all nursing home employees had been employed in long term care for less than two years. This reflects pretty high turnover.

There may be a solution – MORE NURSES AND BETTER PAY. I think it’s a good place to start. Sadly, then the coporate owners would make less money for their families or shareholders. Too bad that $ again dictates level of care…

Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

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