I want a dollar for every case I have reviewed, wherein an ambulatory (walking) nursing home resident is over-medicated so they won’t bother the nursing staff any more.

No, that is clearly not in the records, but you will see:

Nurses Note:
– pt. ambulating up and down hall. Redirected to room. .25 mg of Ativan, sleeping soundly.

Wait? Since when is walking a sign of aggitation, anxiety or aggression? Ativan after all is an anti-psychotic.

Or I will see
Nurses Note:
pt aggitated. Did not eat breakfast. .50 mg of Ativan resting soundly.

Wait? She probably has a UTI – why did you drug her?

Families, please do not agree to overmedication of your loved one because the nursing home staff sees it fit. Find out what the real problem is, and I bet it is number of nurses, not your loved one.

Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

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