A new report out on Alzheimer’s Disease, estimates that at least 5 million Americans are living with the disease. Well, if that calculation is correct – then there are likely 20 million Americans battling Alzheimer’s disease. What do I mean? Well for each patient, there is a family, a group of providers, fighting to keep their loved one in the present, focused, aware. We have discussed how to help your family prepare should you be diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s in an early blog. The advice, was to help make plans while you can – including wills, long term care – and even funeral plans. But what if you have missed that window to help, and now your family must make these plans with out you?

As the number of those suffering with the disease increases, so do the number of resources. State Medicaid, local aging agencies, local doctors, hospitals – advocacy groups – all great resources to learn more about treatment, and other options.

There is no doubt it is a most devestating disease… and it looks like, more and more of us will be faced with either a diagnosis, or caring for a loved one with Alzheimers.

Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

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