We posted an article several months ago that bad nursing home administrators should go to jail! Not surprisingly, we received a private email from a nursing home administrator who believed our comments were outrageous. Well… maybe not as it seems that nursing home administrators are continuing to find themselves facing criminal charges for their outrageous conduct.

The first example arises from a bad situation in Pittsburgh. Martha Bell, the former administrator for the Ronald Reagan Atrium Nursing and Rehab Center was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced this month for the death of an 88 year old resident with Alzheimer’s disease. The resident wandered outside of the facility in 40 degree weather and died from exposure. Mrs. Bell attempted to cover up the event (by ordering nursing aides to place the resident’s body back in her bed and tell the family she died in her sleep) and will now spend almost 4 years in prison. Read the story here.

The second example is even worse. Donna M. Cameron, the administrator for the St. James Retirement and Rehab Center in Chester, Pennsylvania has been charged with criminal neglect, perjury, and record tampering. According to prosecutors, Mrs. Cameron neglected a deep head wound suffered by a 72 year old resident for so long that the wound filled with maggots and later tried to conceal the poor care by altering the records. Read the full story here.

I hope that some of the nursing home administrators who regularly read this blog will post their reaction to these outrageous events and tell us all why these people should escape criminal prosecution! I’m waiting……

Dan Frith
Dan Frith

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