FDA announced yesterday it will begin requiring warnings on certain epilepsy drugs, that the medications may cause suicidal behavior.

11 drugs, used for pain and epilepsy management will be required to include the labels. Pfizer, maker of Lyrica, testified that the FDA’s research did not match its own. Despite their efforts, the new medication will include the same label.

GOOD? BAD? Indifferent?

The Warning in many ways is a liability issue – families can no longer say they had no idea that the drug had possible side effects, but will the labels be read or understood such that prescriptions or use will change? Will families seek alternative treatment, or ways to counter balance the possible side effects such as counseling, etc?

At the very least I think it is good that the FDA is involved with side effect research, and mandating the spread of useful information. I fear however, that as drug companies deny the link, the average consumer will miss the message – and that is, that no drug is without complications.

Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

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