I many friends in the medical community who I would and do trust with my life. So I wonder, how many times a day are they told by non-physicians, how to treat their patients?

Case in point: Today’s Wall Street Journal reports that CVS (yes the pharmacy), with the financial support and likely organizational assistance of Merck, sent letters to prescribing physicians to recommend a new diabetes drug.

Well – what is wrong with that?

No proof of research done by CVS to support the recommendation.
The Drug is made by Merck, sent to CVS lists of physicians.
Oh, did I mention the medication (Januvia) is almost 8 times more expensive than other diabetes drugs?
Does anyone else think it is odd for a corporation to sell your doctor on a medication without any empirical date to support the recommendation?

Read Mr. Armstrong’s Article CVS PUSHED COSTLY DRUG TO DOCTORS – and you be the judge

(yes, manufactured by Merck).

Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

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