In Amite, Louisiana, a Judge ruled against their mayor, Dr. Reggie Goldsby, who doubles as a general practitioner in Amite. The suit was file by Tanya Hendry Sparks on behalf of her father, Marion Hendry, who passed away November 28, 2003.

The suit alleges that Goldsby’s care of Hendry was below applicable standards of care. Records say that Goldsby failed to properly monitor and treat Hendry’s high blood sugar levels, prescribed high doses of steroids to a diabetic, failed to properly work up and follow his patients, failed to monitor and treat Hendry’s dehydration, failed to monitor and treat his Coumadin levels and in general, permitted Hendry’s condition to deteriorate to the point of death.

Hendry was a retired high school teacher who was independent, lived on his own and suffered from no confusion. He was admitted for Goldsby’s diagnosis of “cellulitis” and osteoarthritis on his right wrist. Hendry’s daughter had him transferred to North Oaks Medical Center after his blood pressure dropped so low that Hendry became brain damaged. North Oaks Medical Center also found that Hendry’s wrist was actually fractured. Because of the brain damage, Hendry was institutionalized and later died.

The jury award Sparks $814,079 on behalf of her late father.

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Bo Frith