I have preached and preached on this topic. If you have a medical allergy – tell the doctor, tell the nurse, tell the pharmacist – tell everyone. YES, it is their job to write it down, record it and act accordingly. It is also their job not to give you a medication you have a known allergy to, but I have news for everyone, it happens all the time.
Just this weekend I learned a friend, with a known allergy to penicillin, was given a penicillin based medication – and had serious problems as a result. Serious problems mean lost wages, hospital bills, and could mean far worse. When her mother asked the physician why she had such a bad reaction the physician said “must have been the combination of drugs.” It wasn’t even until later, my friend’s Mom called the pharmacist and asked if the medication was a penicillin base drug… so, the doctor messed up, somehow the pharmacy didn’t catch it (or they didn’t know of the allergy and should have), and then the doctor didn’t tell the family the true problem.
Second time I know of this happening in our little town – so it must be much worse than we even realize. Moral of the story – SHOUT YOUR ALLERGIES from the rooftop. Well, actually the Moral is for physicians and pharmacists to pay better attention, but if we can’t rely on them, we will need to do more ourselves.

Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

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