There has been a great deal of press in our local papers (and National) about non-profit health care providers….

So What essentially is the difference between non-profit or for profit?


  • Tax Exempt – does not pay property taxes
  • No Shareholders
  • Has a Board of Directors (which is usually not paid for service)
  • Must have a charitable or religious purpose
  • Does not have a legal duty to make money for shareholders


  • No special taxes (must pay like other businesses)
  • Corporation with goal to make money above and beyond salary
  • Legal Duty to make money for shareholders

So what does it mean in practice? Well – for some facilities, not much. For others it could mean cost-cutting measures are in place to maximize profits. How can you as the consumer tell if a nursing home is non-profit? go to – and look it up.

Its not a scientific study, but something to think about – in 3 years, we haven’t filed a single negligence case against a Non-Profit Nursing Home in VA!!!

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Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

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