Friendship Retirement Community in Roanoke, Virginia is currently dealing with 13 cases of the norovirus illness and 89 of their residents have contracted this highly contagious stomach bug since mid December of 2007.

My law firm handled several infectious disease cases against this nursing home and each case revealed a lack of knowledge by the facility and its employees on how to recognize, treat, and prevent the spread of contagious infections in a population of residents who are highly susceptible to the infection. An otherwise healthy adult will not suffer a lengthy illness from the norovirus but an elderly nursing home resident with other health considerations is at high risk for dehydration and other complications.

It appears Friendship Retirement Community (also known as Friendship Manor) is taking this most recent outbreak of norovirus seriously. Candy Elliot, an employee of Friendship Retirement Community, acknowledged to WSLS TV in Roanoke that the facility has been working with the Health Department to prevent the spread of the illness. One part of the prevention plan has been to separate sick patients from those who are well. They also have temporarily stopped group activities and have discouraged outside visitors.

If you have a loved on living at Friendship Retirement Community you had better check on them frequently!

Dan Frith
Dan Frith

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