Well – some of them do at least…. and I think thats great. They should make more, but EVERYONE should – the CNA’s / Med Techs – especially the care givers. Article here:

August 22 2007
Nursing home operators value good nursing leaders, the latest results from the nation’s most in-depth nursing-home survey indicate. The national median salary for directors of nursing (DONs) at nursing homes jumped 5.2% this year, up to $72,515. Similarly, assistant DONs enjoyed a 4.9% rise, up to $60,022.

Administrators, meanwhile, saw their national median salary increase by a less robust 3%, to $82,400. Assistant administrators’ median pay climbed to $59,357.

The figures come from the newly released 2007-2008 AAHSA Nursing Home Salary & Benefits Report. More than 2,500 facilities took part in the 30th annual survey, which is published by Oakland, NJ-based Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service and supported by both major nursing home associations.

I am surprised at how high these salaries are… SO, what does the average CNA or LPN make?

Not $60,000 – sadly.

Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

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