I don’t want to work on Christmas Eve or Thanksgiving – my guess is most nursing home employees don’t want to either.

We see MANY mistakes and problems occur at facilities during the holidays. It could be staffing numbers; it could be employees want to be home and so they are not as attentive; it could be the confusion of some residents leaving for trips home; temp agencies providing staff, etc.

We have seen patients develop gangrene, elopements, pressure ulcers go untreated – and I imagine falls, medicine mistakes etc also occur at an increased rate.

So please, ask questions – who will be working at your loved ones’ nursing home during the holidays? Will there be staffing from a temp agency? Do the temps receive any training? Will someone be there to help you get Grandmom to the car for Thanksgiving dinner?

These are important issues – and need to be considered well in advance of November and December.

Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

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