I am writing this blog to you, the normal American who must rely on a local hospital or nursing home to take care of your loved one when he or she is ill.

If your loved one cannot walk, has diabetes, cannot use the bathroom and or spends most of his or her time sitting or in bed, you need to be aware of the danger and risks associated with pressure ulcers, or bed sores.

And I am not speaking solely to those persons who have suffered from these problems long term. You can be unable to walk after a surgery, or a procedure or accident, and be at risk of developing pressure ulcers.

Here are the facts:

  • Pressure ulcers can be prevented. With the right nursing care, attention, turning etc – no one should develop a pressure ulcer.
  • Once you have had one, you are more likely to get more of them.
  • Pressure ulcers occur when skin dies because it does not get the proper nutrition or because it is being pressed between two hard services, like a bone and bed.
  • Pressure ulcers are painful.
  • Treatment for pressure ulcers can also be painful, and is generally, not pleasant (skin and tissue removed, etc.)
  • When your body is exposed because of a pressure ulcer, you are more likely to get infections in your blood and body, which could lead to sepsis.
  • You can die from a pressure ulcer.

This is what they look like in the beginning – Stage I.

This is what they look like at their worst, bone, muscle and tissue exposed to the outside world – Stage IV.
Please make sure you are actively checking your loved ones for possible pressure ulcers. If they have one, see a specialist. Don’t let the nursing home wound care nurse be your only treatment source.
If you want to know whether the development of a pressure ulcer is malpractice in Virginia, call today.
Dan and I have extensive experience in pressure ulcer cases and would be honored to help.
Bed sores or pressure ulcers as they are known now, are serious and scary – and also require very specific care.
Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

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