This is a great story about a local healthcare provider.

Roanoke Times reporter Mike Gangloff writes in a breaking news story, that a local anesthetist who worked for two of our largest hospital systems in the area, HCA and Carilion, plead guilty this morning for stealing drugs that were supposed to numb patients undergoing surgery.

It was alleged that during the summer of 2008, “Parkes removed fenanyl citrate from vials at Pulaski Community Hospital (HCA) and replaced it with saline solution in an attempt to avoid detection.”

Although he has surrendered his RN license and is no longer working for either company, this is a serious issue.

I just finished a fictional book about a guy who breaks into nursing homes and steals Fentanyl patches off of patients due to a pain killer addiction. I laughed it off as fiction – apparently, its not to far from the truth.

Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

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