The WallStreet Journal Health Blog has a great point

“The presidential candidates are fighting over who would do the most to increase the number of Americans with health insurance and expand access to care, BUT “their plans don’t ensure that there will be enough doctors and nurses will treat all those new patients, argues a report expected to be released later today.”

What are they going to do about nursing shortage?

“Clinton would spend $300 million on nursing programs; Edwards would try to recruit 50,000 new nurses, keep another 50,000 from leaving ther profession, and increase seats at nursing schools; and Obama would offer tuition assistance for nursing students and funding to nursing schools.
The health plans of the leading Republican candidates don’t discuss the nurse supply. None of the top candidates in either party discuss the physician supply in their plans. And, AMN argues, the Democrats’ nurse supply plans don’t go far enough.”

I am very scared – we see negligence because of nursing shortage, all the time… more patients, you need more nurses!

Lauren Ellerman
Lauren Ellerman

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