Medication Errors by Lauren Ellerman

For families, here is a list of common medication errors in Virginia hospitals, and how to prevent them, including guidelines from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Choosing a Virginia Medical Malpractice Attorney by Lauren Ellerman

Hiring an attorney to represent a loved in a serious case of medical malpractice may be one of the most important decisions a family will make. They often ask how to select the best Virginia medical malpractice attorney, so here is a helpful list of tips.

Negligence Lawsuits and Health Insurance Liens by Lauren Ellerman

When you or a loved one has been injured, it is important to understand how your medical malpractice claim may effect your benefits coverage.

Emergency Room Errors by Dan Frith

Here is a summary of common cases of medical malpractice due to Virginia emergency room errors, so that you can understand the risks involved in seeking emergency care.

The Risks of Lasik Surgery by Dan Frith

While Lasik surgery has grown in popularility throughout Virginia, there are certain signs and symptoms of medical negligence that you must know before undergoing this procedure.

The Benefits of Settling a Medical Malpractice Case Prior to Trial by Dan Frith

Most Virginia medical malpractice cases, whether in Roanoke or elsewhere, are settled prior to trial. Learn the benefits, and risks, of settling a medical negligence case out of court.

Medical Malpractice Cases in Virginia by Lauren Ellerman

Every Virginia patient has a right to be free from unnecessary harm and injury during medical care. Here is a summary of common cases that we have evaluated in our office.

A Summary of Virginia Medical Malpractice Laws by Dan Frith

A comprehensive overview of Virginia medical malpractice laws, including causes of action, statute of limitations, damage caps, expert witnesses, and patient rights.

Medical Records – Why Privacy is Good, But a Pain! by Lauren Ellerman

If you are a Virginia patient requesting your medical records, it is important to know your rights in advance, and answer common questions such as paying for access to your patient chart.

Investigating Medical Negligence Cases by Dan Frith

Before a case is ever filed, each claim for medical malpractice in Roanoke, Virginia, and the surrounding region requires a comprehensive investigation and evaluation with medical experts.

Medical Malpractice: A Battle of the Experts by Dan Frith

During the course of a lawsuit, Virginia medical malpractice claims often require the involvement of expert witnesses for each side, and it is important to know how their opinions matter.

How to Investigate Your Virginia Physician by Lauren Ellerman

Before you choose a doctor in Roanoke, Virginia, read this article for access to the free online resources available to you and your family to perform a physician background check.

Top 5 Mistakes in the Emergency Room by Dan Frith

In Virginia, there are common mistakes in emergency rooms that will cause harm and injury to patients, unless families educate themselves on the signs of medical neglect and how to stop it.

Top 5 Mistakes During Surgery by Dan Frith

When you decide to undergo surgery, you are trusting a team of physicians and nurses in Virginia to perform the procedure without committing these common Virginia surgical errors.